Place a Hold?

Reserve ShelvesIs the item you want checked out? It's easy to get on the waiting list, and when your turn comes, we'll notify you automatically. You can place a hold on an item in several ways:

  • Log in to your account from our home page. When you find an item you want held for you, click on Place Hold.
  • Call the library at 319-377-3412 and ask for the Information Desk; our staff will help you with your hold request.
  • Stop at the Information Desk when you are at the library and we can help you in person. 
  • Download the MLN app for iPhones or Android
  • Access your account from our Facebook Page.

You have five days to pick up your hold once you are notified. Be sure to pick up your hold! Remember, our staff has taken time to pull this book from the shelves and process it specially for you!