Dreams, Concerns, Ideas: Envisioning a New Library

We’re ready to take the next step toward our new library and we invite you to join us. Next Wednesday, September 2 at 5:15 our architect, Joe Huberty, will lead a charrette to begin developing a vision of just what kind of library Marion needs. The focus will be on the inside, its look and feel. What kind of place do we want the library to be? What will make it the kind of place that you want to come to and spend time in?

A charrette is a kind of free-wheeling brain storming session designed to bring out ideas. It can include visual preference surveys, drawing exercises, word association, and even table-top modeling. No idea or suggestion is too outlandish. We want to start with the broadest range of ideas and narrow them down to a set of preferences that will guide our design.

The process is very similar to the one used in the Imagine 8 process to envision Marion’s future. An early library planning group used this process to come up with the look and feel and concepts in our Needs Assessment. Now we need to move beyond the concepts and identify specific features that make the Marion Public Library the place that you want it to be.

This will be first charrette in a series of three that will be held here at the library during the fall. They’re planned to last about 90 minutes, but if the ideas are still flowing, they may go a little longer.

The dates for the following charrettes are September 30 and October 29 (start times 5:15), and we’ll announce later what their focus will be. To an extent, the focus of each charrette follows from what happens at the one before it.

The charrettes are open to the public. You don’t need to prepare for anything. Just come with ideas and an open mind and Joe will do the rest. If you’re interested in helping us design the new library, please join us at 5:15, here at the Library, on Wednesday, September 2.