Tax Form Information

Because the IRS and the Iowa Department of Revenue encourage electronic filing and are no longer sending us forms, the library will not offer tax forms beginning in 2016. We will still be able to help you find and print the forms you need from the IRS and Iowa Department of Revenue websites for $0.10/page.   
Federal Tax Materials
Any tax forms you need (including instruction books) can be viewed or printed from the IRS website. Printing and copying both cost $0.10/page at the library. You may call the IRS at 800-829-3676 to request that federal tax forms and publications be sent to you (expect to wait). Go to the IRS forms & publications by U.S. mail website for more information. Publication 17 is no longer available in print; it is available electronically at
You can find information about the Cedar Rapids IRS office, including address, hours, and phone number, at this webpage
Iowa State Tax Materials
The Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) is no longer providing Iowa tax forms and booklets to libraries and will not be automatically mailing to individuals. The IDR encourages individuals to file their Iowa tax returns electronicallyStill want paper? Forms and instructions may be printed from (Some online forms are fillable.) Or, you may call the forms order line at 
800-532-1531. Expect to wait. 
Help Preparing Your Tax Returns